Théorie et Evaluation des Politiques Publiques

Working Papers 2024

24-2. Innovating for the good or for the bad. An EU-wide analysis of the impact of technological transformation on job polarisation and unemployment
Ylenia Curci, Nathalie Greenan, Silvia Napolitano
Is training helpful inboosting the self-confidence and professionnal integration of young people not in employment, education or training? Results from a randomisez experiment
Nicolas Moreau, Alexis Parmentier, Mylene Lebon-Eyquem

Working Papers 2023

23-8. Dornbusch's overshooting and the systematic component of monetary policy in SOE-SVAR
Nicolas Groshenny, Naveed Javed
Is participatory democracy in line with social protest? Evidence from French yellow vests movement
Benjamin Monnery, François-Charles Wolff
On-the-job search, life-cycle traing and the role of transfer fees
Arnaud Cheron, Anthony Terriau
Estimating the laffer tax rate on capital income : cross-base responses matter!

Marie-Noëlle Lefebvre, Etienne Lehmann, Michaël Sicsic
23-4. The trickle-down theory: a reality in French sports?
Florian Moussi-Beylie
23-3. Robotization and unbalanced changes in high-skill employment
Lucas Parmentier
23-2. Knowledge transmission in the second part of careers: does formal training matter?
Pierre-Jean Messe, Nathalie Greenan
23-1. Phantom cycles
Arnaud Chéron, Bruno Decreuse

Working Papers 2022

22-21. Utility services poverty : addressing the problem of household deprivation in Mayotte
Dorothée Charlier, Bérangère Legendre, Olivia Ricci
22-20. The effects of disability benefits on the employment of low-skilled youth : evidence from France
Sylvain Chareyron, Naomie Mahmoudi
22-19. Does gender equality bargaining reduce child penality? Evidence from France
Pierre-Jean Messe, Jérémy Tanguy
22-18. The effect of pro diversity actions on discrimination in the recruitment of large companies : a field experiment
Laetitia Challe, Sylvain Chareyron, Yannick L'Horty, Pascale Petit
22-17. Impacts of quota policy and employer obligation to adapt workstations on discrimination against people with disabilities : lesson from an experiment
Sylvain Chareyron, Yannick L'Horty, Philomene Mbaye, Pascale Petit
22-16. Are real merchandise imports per capita a good predictor for the standard of living for the small island world : testing for the imports-led growth and the growth-led imports hypotheses in panels over the period 1970-2019
Jean-François Hoarau, Nicolas Lucic
22-15. Extracting the discrimination components from the callback rates
Emmanuel Duguet, Loïc Du Parquet, Pascale Petit
22-14. Strategic debt in a mixed duopoly: the limited liability effect
Armel Jacques
22-13. Short-time work policies during the COVID-19 pandemic
Julien Albertini, Xavier Fairise, Arthur Poirier, Anthony Terriau
22-12. Immigration and labour market flows
Andri Chassamboulli, Idriss Fontaine, Ismael Glavez-Iniesta
22-11. Short-term impact of tropical cyclones in Madagascar : evidence from nightlight data
Idriss Fontaine, Sabine Garabedian, Maël Jammes
22-10. The current and future costs of tropical cyclones : a case study of La Réunion
Idriss Fontaine, Sabine Garabedian, Hélène Verennes
22-9. Wealth and income responses to dividend taxation : Evidence from France
Marie-Noëlle Lefebvre, Eddy Zanoutene
22-8. Soccer labour market equilibrium and efficient training of talents
Marnix Amand, Arnaud Chéron, Florian Pelgrin, Anthony Terriau
22-7. Using short-term jobs as a way to fin a regular job. What kind of role for local context?
Fabrice Gilles, Sabina Issehnane, Florent Sari
22-6. Gender and age diversity. Does it matter for firms' productivity?
Laetitia Challe, Fabrice Gilles, Yannick L'Horty, Ferhat Mihoubi
22-5. How wages respond to the job-finding and job-to-job transition rates? Evidence from New Zealand administrative data
Christopher Ball, Nicolas Groshenny, Özer Karagedikli, Murat Özbilgind, Finn Robinsona
22-4. Endogenous timing of technological choices of flexibility in a mixed duopoly
Armel Jacques
22-3. Reducing ethnic discrimination  through formal warning : evidence from two combined field experiments
Sylvain Chareyron, Yannick L'Horty, Souleymane Mbaye, Pascale Petit
22-2. Cream skimming and discrimination in access to medical care: a field experiment
Sylvain Chareyron, Yannick L'Horty, Pascale Petit

22-1. Optimal taxation with multiple incomes and types
Kevin Spiritus, Etienne Lehmann, Sander Renes, Floris T. Zoutman

Working Papers 2021

21-11. Intermittent collusive agreements : antitrust policy and business cycles
Emilie Dargaud, Armel Jacques
Endogenous breadth of collusive agreements : an application to flexible technological choices
Armel Jacques
How to tax different incomes?
Laurence Jacquet, Etienne Lehmann
21-8. Optimal capital taxation under stochastic returns to savings
Eddy Zanoutene
Does the gender mix influence collective bargaining on gender equality? Evidence from France
Anne-Sophie Bruno, Nathalie Greenan, Jérémy Tanguy
The effect of the non-financial component of business accelerators
Fabrice Gilles, Yannick L'Horty, Ferhat Mihoubi
Organisationnal changes and long term sickness absence and injury leave
Mohamed Ali Ben Halima, Nathalie Greenan, Joseph Lanfranchi
21-4. The unexplored discriminations towards youth : equal access to goods and services
David Gray, Yannick L'Horty, Souleymane Mbaye, Pascale Petit
21-3. The zero effect of income tax on the timing of birth: some evidence on French data
Nicolas Moreau
21-2. Tropical cyclones and fertility : new evidence from developing countries
Idriss Fontaine, Sabine Garabedian, Hélène Vérèmes
21-1. On the heterogeneous impacts of the COVID-19 lockdown on US unemployment
Malak Kandoussi, François Langot

Working Papers 2020

20-8. COVID-19 mortality and health expenditures across European countries : The positive correlation puzzle
Serge Blondel, Radu Vranceanu
20-7. Measuring discrimination in the labour market
Emmanuel Duguet
20-6. The effects of age on educational performances at the end of primary school : cross-sectional and regression discontinuity approach applications from Reunion Island

Daniel Rakotomalala
20-5. Slowdown antitrust investigations by decentralization

Emilie Dargaud, Armel Jacques
Is international tourism responsible for the pandemic of COVID19? A preliminary cross-country analysis with a special focus on small islands
Jean-François Hoarau
20-3. Does Labor Income React more to Income Tax or Means Tested Benefit Reforms? 
Michaël Sicsic 
Optimal sickness benefits in a principal-agent model

Sébastien Ménard
20-1. The specific role of agriculture for economic vulnerability of small island spaces
Stéphane Blancard, Maximin Bonnet, Jean-François Hoarau

Working Papers 2019

19-8. The impact of benefit sanctions on equilibrium wage dispersion and job vacancies
Sebastien Menard
Employment fluctuations job polarization and non-standard work: Evidence from France and the US
Olivier Charlot, Idriss Fontaine, Thepthida Sopraseuth
19-6.  Counterproductive hiring discrimination against women: Evidence from French correspondance test
Emmanuel Duguet, Loïc du Parquet, Yannick L'Horty, Pascale Petit
19-5. Inefficient couples: Non minimization of the tax burden among French cohabiting couples

Olivier Bargain, Damien Echevin, Nicolas Moreau, Adrien Pacifico
19-4. Seeking for tipping point in the housing market: evidence from a field experiment
Sylvain Chareyron, Samuel Gorohouna, Yannick L'Horty, Pascale Petit, Catherine Ris
19-3. Testing for redlining in the labor market
Yannick L'Horty, Mathieu Bunel, Pascale Petit
19-2. Labour market flows: Accounting for the public sector
Idriss Fontaine, Ismael Galvez-Iniesta, Pedro Gomes, Diego Vila-Martin
The interaction between labour force participation of older men and their wife: lessons from France

Idriss Fontaine

Working Papers 2018

18-15. Be healthy, be employed: a comparison between the US and France based on a general equilibrium model
Xavier Fairise, François Langot, Ze Zhong Shang
18-14. Immigrants' wage performance in the routine biased technological change era: France 1994-2012
Catherine Laffineur, Eva Moreno-Galbis, Jeremy Tanguy, Ahmed Tritah
18-13. Welfare cost of fluctuations when labor market search interacts with financial frictions
Elini Iliopulos, François Langot, Thepthida Sopraseuth
18-12. Accounting for labor gaps
François Langot, Alessandra Pizzo
Unemployment fluctuations over the life cycle
Jean-Olivier Hairault, François Langot, Thepthida Sopraseuth
18-10. Layoffs, Recalls and Experience Rating
Julien Albertini, Xavier Fairise
Enviromental policy and health in the presence of labor market imperfections
Xavier Pautrel
18-8. Identity mistakes and the standard of proof
Marie Obidzinski, Yves Oytana
Presumtion of innonce and deterrence
Marie Obidzinski, Yves Oytana
18-6. Ethnic discrimination in Rental Housing Market. An experiment in New Caledonia
Mathieu Bunel, Samuel Gorohouna, Yannick L'Horty, Pascale Petit, Catherine Ris
Evaluationg the impact of firm tax credits. Results from the French natural experiment CICE
Fabrice Gilles, Yannick L'Horty, Ferhat Mihoubi, Xi Yang
Impact of type 2 diabetes on health expenditure: an estimation based on individual administrative data
François-Olivier Baudot, Anne-Sophie Aguadé, Thomas Barnay, Christelle Gastaldi-Ménager, Anne Fargot-Campagna
How does market history influence the access to hiring interviews?
Emmanuel Duguet, Rémi Le Gall, Yannick L'Horty, Pascale Petit
Occupational mobility and vocational training over the life cycle
Anthony Terriau
Retired, at last? The short-term impact of retirement on health status in France
Thomas Barnay, Eric Defebvre

Working Papers 2017

17-11. Hiring discrimination against women: distinguishing taste based discrimination from statistical discrimination
Emmanuel Duguet, Loïc du Parquet, Pascale Petit
Pension reforms, older workers' employment and the role of job separation and finding rates in France
Sarah Le Duigou, Pierre-Jean Messe
17-9. Healthier when retiring earlier? Evidence from France
Pierre-Jean Messe, François-Charles Wolff
17-8. Revisiting Hopenhayn and Nicolini's optimal unemployment insurance with job search monitoring and sanctions
Sébastien Menard, Solenne Tanguy
Ethnic Gaps in Educational Attainment and Labor-Market Outcomes: Evidence from France
Gabin Langevin, David Masclet, Fabien Moizeau, Emmanuel Peterle
17-6. Identifying preferences based discrimination in rental market : a field experiment in Paris
Mathieu Bunel, Yannick L’Horty, Loïc du Parquet, Pascale Petit
17-5. Chosen or Imposed? The location strategies of households
Emilie Arnoult, Florent Sari
17-4. Optimal income taxation with composition effects
Laurence Jacquet, Etienne Lehmann
17.3. Labor Market Effects of Urban Riots: an experimental assessment
Emmanuel Duguet, David Gray, Yannick L'Horty, Loic du Parquet, Pascale Petit
17-2. Does praticing literacy skills improve academic performance in first-year university students? Results from a randomized experiment
Estelle Bellity, Fabrice Gilles, Yannick L'Horty
17-1. Raising the take-up of social assistance benefits through a simple mailing: evidence from a French field experiment
Sylvain Chareyron, David Gray, Yannick L'Horty

Working Papers 2016

16-8. Endogenous wage rigidities, human capital accumulation and growth
Ahmed Tritah
Harder, better, faster...yet stronger? Working conditions and self-declaration of chronic diseases
Eric Defebvre
The influence of mental health on job retention
Thomas Barnay, Eric Defebvre
The effects of breast cancer on individual labour market outcomes: an evaluation from an administrative panel
Thomas Barnay, Mohamed Ali Ben Halima, Emmanuel Duguet, Christine Le Clainche, Camille Regaert
16-4. Expectations, Loss Aversion, and Retirement Decisions in the Context of the 2009 Crisis in Europe
Nicolas Sirven, Thomas Barnay
16-3.  How do product and labor market regulations affect aggregate employment, inequalities and job polarization? A general equilibrium approach
Julien Albertini, Jean-Olivier Hairault, François Langot, Thepthida Sopraseuth
16-2. Access to employment with age and gender: results of a controlled experiment
Laetitia Challe, Florent Fremigacci, François Langot, Yannick L'Horty, Loïc Du Parquet, Pascale Petit
16-1. An evaluation of the 1987 French Disabled Workers Act: Better paying than hiring
Thomas Barnay, Emmanuel Duguet, Christine Le Clainche, Yann Videau

Working Papers 2015

15-10. Optimal Income Taxation with Unemployment and Wage Responses: A Sufficient Statistics Approach
Kory Kroft, Kavan Kucko, Etienne Lehmann, Johannes Schmieder
15-9. Search frictions and (in)efficient vocational training over the life-cycle
Arnaud Chéron, Anthony Terriau
15-8. Absenteeism and productivity: the experience rating applied to employer contributions to health insurance
Sébastien Ménard, Coralia Quintero Rojas
15-7. Take up of social assistance benefits: the case of homeless
Sylvain Chareyron
15-6. Spatial mismatch through local public employment agencies. Answers from a French quasi-experiment
Mathieu Bunel, Elisabeth Tovar
15-5. Transmission of vocational skills at the end of career: horizon effect and technological or organisational change
Nathalie Greenan, Pierre-Jean Messe
15-4. Protecting biodiversity by developing bio-jobs: A multi-branch analysis with an application on French data
Jean De Beir, Céline Emond, Yannick L'Horty, Laetitia Tuffery
15-3. Profit-Sharing and Wages: An Empirical Analysis Using French Data Between 2000 and 2007
Noélie Delahaie, Richard Duhautois
15-2. A meta-regression analysis on intergenerational transmission of education: publication bias and genuine empirical effect
Nicolas Fleury, Fabrice Gilles
15-1. Why are there so many long-term unemployed in Paris?
Yannick L'Horty, Florent Sari

Working Papers 2014

14-17. The impact of a disability on labour market status: A comparison of the public and private sectors
Thomas Barnay, Emmanuel Duguet, Christine Le Clainche, Mathieu Narcy, Yann Videau
14-16. Employer-provided health insurance and equilibrium wages with two-sided heterogeneity
Arnaud Chéron, Pierre-Jean Messe, Jérôme Ronchetti
14.15. Does improving geographic mobility of young people promote their social inclusion? Evidence from a controlled experiment in France
Julie Le Gallo, Yannick L'Horty, Pascale Petit
14.14. Hiring discrimination based on national origin and the competition between employed and unemployed job seekers
Guillaume Pierné
14-13. Discrimination in Hiring: The curse of motorcycle women
Loïc Du Parquet, Emmanuel Duguet, Yannick L'Horty, Pascale Petit
14-12. Residential discrimination and the ethnic origin: An experimental assessment in the Paris suburbs
Emmanuel Duguet, Yannick L'Horty, Pascale Petit
14-11. Discrimination based on place of residence and access to employment
Mathieu Bunel, Yannick L'Horty, Pascale Petit
14-10. Rural Electrification and Household Labor Supply: Evidence from Nigeria
Claire Salmon, Jeremy Tanguy
14-9. Effects of immigration in frictional labor markets: theory and empirical evidence from EU countries
Eva Moreno-Galbis, Ahmed Tritah
14-8. Health, Work and Working Conditions: A Review of the European Economic Literature
Thomas Barnay
14-7. Labour mobility and the informal sector in Algeria: a cross-sectional comparison (2007-2012)
Philippe Adair, Youghourta Bellache
14-6 Does care to dependent elderly people living at home increase their mental health?
Thomas Barnay, Sandrine Juin
14-5. The Effect of Non-Work Related Health Events on Career Outcomes: An Evaluation in the French Labor Market
Emmanuel Duguet, Christine le Clainche
14-4. Retirement intentions in the presence of technological change: Theory and evidence from France
Pierre-Jean Messe, Eva Moreno - Galbis, Francois-Charles Wolff
14-3. Why is Old Workers’ Labor Market more Volatile? Unemployment Fluctuations over the Life-Cycle
Jean-Olivier Hairault, François Langot, Thepthida Sopraseuth
14-2. Participation, Recruitment Selection, and the Minimum Wage
Frédéric Gavrel
14-1. Disparities in taking sick leave between sectors of activity in France: a longitudinal analysis of administrative data
Thomas Barnay, Sandrine Juin, Renaud Legal

Working Papers 2013

13-9. An evaluation of the impact of industrial restructuring on individual human capital accumulation in France (1956-1993)
Nicolas Fleury, Fabrice Gilles
13-8. On the value of partial commitment for cooperative investment in buyer-supplier relationship
José de Sousa, Xavier Fairise
13-7. Search frictions, real wage rigidities and the optimal design of unemployment insurance
Julien Albertini, Xavier Fairise
13-6. Tax me if you can! Optimal non linear income tax between competing governments
Etienne Lehmann, Laurent Simula, Alain Trannoy
13-5. Beyond the labour income tax wedge: The unemployment-reducing effect of tax progressivity
Etienne Lehmann, Claudio Lucifora, Simone Moriconi, Bruno Van Der Linden
13-4. Discrimination based on place of residence and access to employment
Mathieu Bunel, Emilia Ene Jones, Yannick L'Horty, Pascale Petit
13-3. The determinants of job access channels: evidence from the youth labor market in France
Jihan Ghrairi
13-2. Capital mobility, search unemployment and labor market policies: The case of minimum wages
Frédéric Gavrel
13-1. Effort and monetary incentives in Nonprofit and For-Profit Organizations
Joseph Lanfranchi, Mathieu Narcy

Working Papers 2012

12-18. Ageing, changes and quality of working life
Nathalie Greenan, Mathieu Narcy, Serge Volkoff
12-17. Labor Income Responds Differently to Income-Tax and Payroll-Tax Reforms
Etienne Lehmann, François Marical, Laurence Rioux
12-16. New Evidence of Ethnic and Gender discriminations in the French Labor Market using experimental data: A ranking extension of correspondence testings
Emmanuel Duguet, Loïc Du Parquet, Yannick L’Horty, Pascale Petit
12-15. The Economics of Performance Appraisals
Marc-Arthur Diaye, Nathalie Greenan
12-14. Effect of Age on the Wage Distribution: A Quantitative Evaluation Using US Data
Sarah Le Duigou
12-13. Simultaneous causality between health status and employment status within the population aged 30-59 in France
Thomas Barnay, François Legendre
12-12.The Effects of Reduced Social Security Contributions on Employment: an Evaluation of the 2003 French Reform
Matthieu Bunel, Yannick L'Horty
12-11. Has the Quality of Work Improved in the EU-15 between 1995 and 2005 ?
Nathalie Greenan, Ekaterina Kalugina, Emmanuelle Walkowiak
12-10. Dynamically consistent CEU preferences
André Lapied, Pascal Toquebeuf
12-9. A note on "Re-examining the law of iterated expectations for Choquet decision makers"
André Lapied, Pascal Toquebeuf
12-8. Job Polarization in Aging Economies
Eva Moreno - Galbis, Thepthida Sopraseuth
12-7. Optimal Unemployment Insurance for Older Workers
Jean-Olivier Hairault, François Langot, Sébastien Ménard, Thepthida Sopraseuth
12-6. Entry mode choice and target firm selection : private and collective incentive analysis
Kai Zhao
12-5. Advantageous Semi-Collusion Revisited : A Note
Kai Zhao
12-4. Stricter employment protection and firms’ incentives to train : The case of French older workers
Pierre-Jean Messe, Bénédicte Rouland
12-3. Hedonic model of segmentation with horizontal differentiated housing
Masha Maslianskaia-Pautrel
12-2. How to account for changes in the size of Sports Leagues : The Iso Competitive Balance Curves
Jean-Pascal Gayant, Nicolas Le Pape
12-1. What drives Health Care Expenditure in France since 1950? A time-series study with structural breaks and nonlinearity approaches
Thomas Barnay, Olivier Damette

Working Papers 2011

11-10. Routinization-Biased Technical Change, Globalization and Labor Market Polarization : Does Theory Fit the Facts?
Jaewon Jung, Jean Mercenier
11-9. What is the natural Weight of the Current Old?
Damien Gaumont, Daniel Leonard
11-8. Productivity, Capital and Labor in Labor-Managed and Convention Firms
Fathi Fakhfakh, Virginie Perotin, Monica Gago
11-7. Fiscal Shocks in a Two Sector Open Economy
Olivier Cardi, Romain Restout
11-6. How important is innovation? A Bayesian factor-augmented productivity model on panel data
Georges Besson, Jean-Michel Etienne, Pierre Mohnen
11-5. The Fateful Triangle : Complementarities between product, process and organisational innovation in the UK and France
Gérard Ballot, Fathi Fakhfakh, Fabrice Galia, Ammon Salter
11-4. Residential Discrimination and Ethnic Origin: An experimental assessment in the Paris suburbs
Emmanuel Duguet, Yannick L’Horty, Pascale Petit
11-3. Why is there a faster return to work near the border?
Jonathan Bougard
11-2. The effect of place of residence on access to employment: a field experiment on qualified young job applicants in Ile-de-France
Yannick L’Horty, Emmanuel Duguet, Loïc du Parquet, Pascale Petit, Florent Sari
11-1. The French "Earned Income Supplement" (RSA) and back-to-work incentives
Denis Anne, Yannick L’Horty

Working Papers 2010

10-21. Employment Protection Legislation and Adverse Selection at the Labor Market Entry
Anne Bucher, Sébastien Ménard
10-20. Endogenous Job Destructions and the Distribution of Wages
Arnaud Chéron, Bénédicte Rouland
10-19. Bankruptcy Risk, Product Market Competition and Horizontal Mergers
Bernard Franck, Nicolas Le Pape
10-18. Cost-saving or Cost-enhancing Mergers: the Impact of the Distribution of Roles in Oligopoly
Nicolas Le Pape, Kai Zhao
10-17. Fostering the potential endogenous development of European regions: a spatial dynamic panel data analysis of the Cohesion Policy on regional convergence over the period 1980-2005
Salima Bouayad-Agha, Nadine Turpin, Lionel Védrine
10-16. The dynamics of youth labor market integration
Anne Bucher
10-15. On the impact of the TFP growth on the employment rate: does training on-the-job matter?
Eva Moreno-Galbis
10-14. Young-in Old-out: a new evaluation
Michela Bia, Pierre-Jean Messe, Roberto Leombruni
10-13. Hiring Practices, Employment Protection and Temporary Jobs
Anne Bucher
10-12. Pre Entry Motives into Entrepreneurship and Post Entry Entrepreneurial Orientation
Jean Bonnet, Nicolas Le Pape
10-11. Taxation of early retirement windows and delaying retirement: the French experience
Pierre-Jean Messe
10-10. Returns to firm-provided training in France: Evidence on mobility and wages
Arnaud Chéron, Bénédicte Rouland, François-Charles Wolff
10-9. Entrepreneurial motives and performance: Why might better educated entrepreneurs be less successful?
Arnab Bhattacharjee, Jean Bonnet, Nicolas Le Pape, Régis Renault
10-8. Ageing, chronic conditions and the evolution of future drugs expenditures
Thomas Barnay, Sophie Thiébaut, Bruno Ventelou
10-7. Health and Early Retirement: Evidence from French Data for individuals
Thomas Barnay, Karine Briard
10-6. What are Entrepreneurs’ Objectives When Starting a New Business?
Lionel Désiage
10-5. The effect of social security payroll tax reductions on employment and wages: an evaluation of the 2003 French reform
Matthieu Bunel, Fabrice Gilles, Yannick L’Horty
10-4. Do Public Subsidies Have an Impact on New Firm Survival? An Empirical Study with French Data
Lionel Désiage, Richard Duhautois, Dominique Redor
10-3. Housing ownership, social housing and unemployment: an econometric analysis of the Paris area
Emmanuel Duguet, Yannick L’Horty, Florent Sari
10-2. Working hours and Work-Life Balance Satisfaction in Couple
Nathalie Georges, Dominique Méda, Danièle Trancart
10-1. Are young French jobseekers of ethnic immigrant origin discriminated against? A controlled experiment in the Paris area
Emmanuel Duguet, Noam Leandri, Yannick L’Horty, Pascale Petit